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Assess employees’ perceptions of their role, relationships, workload and mental and physical wellbeing. Make better-informed strategic and practical decisions impacting on staff wellbeing

Employers in the education sector are increasingly recognising the significant role they play in making a positive contribution to employee wellbeing, particularly in the area of mental health.

In doing so, the trend is now towards taking a more holistic approach, focussing on the quality of work, relationships and health and developing values which support these.

To support schools and colleges with developing their wellbeing strategies we can now offer access to a detailed staff health and wellbeing survey. This includes advice on launching the survey with staff and how to follow up appropriately on the results to maximise its value. 

› Gain a more reliable and authentic perspective on staff wellbeing through use of a survey which is run independently of the school / employer
› Target wellbeing interventions where they are most needed to make best use of limited resources
› Take a ‘temperature check’ on wider aspects of workforce engagement and factors affecting retention and productivity
› Demonstrate that the organisation values the workforce and is committed to improving the quality of work and work-life balance 


 › Time-limited access for your staff to an online survey tailored to the sector, with sections covering:
      • Job satisfaction
      • Communication and working relationships
      • Work-life balance
      • The physical working environment
      • Health and wellbeing
› A detailed bespoke report containing an analysis of the survey results with recommendations and suggested areas to prioritise

No limit on staff numbers participating

Primary / special schools: £349+VAT 

Secondary schools: £459+VAT
(MATs: please contact us for bespoke pricing)

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