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This 90-minute personnel online training course will support your personnel teams to make recruitment safe in your school and deliver HR function in line with your statutory responsibilities in ‘Keeping Children Safe in Education’ (DfE July 2015).

Our new e-learning package can be viewed on a laptop, PC or tablet:
•  a cost effective, sustainable training solution for all school staff and governors involved in recruitment activities
•  is designed with input from School HR, Governance and Safeguarding experts
•  works through latest legislation and best practice guidance to ensure compliance with Statutory responsibilities and Ofsted guidance

Special introductory price of £25 (ex. VAT)

5 sections in the module:

  1. Getting started – overview of how the module works
  2. Introduction – to safer recruitment and why it’s important
  3. Robust recruitment process – about the different stages and the checks to carry out
  4. Understanding regulated activities – and who can do them
  5. End test – 10 objective questions – 80% success rate required to be able to print certificate

"This training has really clear instructions and great graphics. It checked my knowledge and understanding through some short multiple choice ‘tests’. The feedback after each activity highlights the correct answers, and I could review each session several times with no limit to retaking the test. It was great to get the certificate at the end and to know we are now meeting our statutory obligations in this area.

 Sue Goodwin, Senior HR advisor"

Product Code: INCL-CAP01

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